Strategy & Innovation

Efficient growth, innovation and agility continue to be important success factors in a highly competitive global environment. BluPrint helps businesses define and assess opportunities to select the strategy with the strongest potential to deliver maximum value.

  • Business Plan Formation
  • Marketing Plan Formation
  • Industry & Market Assessment
  • Growth Strategy
  • Internal Controls Development

Performance Improvement & Analytics

Predicting, improving and sustaining optimal business performance are essential for persistent growth. We will utilize various techniques and methodologies to assure that the client objectives have been achieved through analytics.

  • Business Process Redesign
  • Technology Assessments & Recommendations
  • Software & Systems Migration
  • Research & Development
  • KPI Dashboard Design / Business Scorecard Design

Customer Relationships & Marketing


Understanding customer needs and wants as well as purchasing habits are essential to optimizing growth and sales. We recognize the complex nature of today’s competitive environment and develop customized plans tailored to your organization for sustainable growth.

  • Customer Experience / Loyalty Assessment
  • Product & Service Management
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Sales & Distribution Strategy
  • Marketing & Brand Strategy



Start-Up Solutions






Starting a new business requires more than just a great product or service, it requires that you also have all the proper tools, analysis, studies and due diligence efforts to ensure the short and long term successes for your business. We can not only help you build a successful business, we can also make sure you have all the tools and processes to do so.

  • Incorporation Services
  • Business Development Plans
  • Pitch & Product Presentation
  • Target Market Analysis
  • Website Design and SEO

Market Research








Every business must properly conduct the proper amount of research in order to make informed business decisions. We use basic and applied research methods to look at causes and effects and to solve answers and solutions to your specific business problems.

  • Industry Data Collection and Analysis
  • Identifying Competitors
  • Consumer Demographics and Consumer Trends
  • Market Trends and Movement
  • Qualitative Research (Surveys, Focus Groups, Interviews)