Supporting Local Businesses

Every day many small businesses form and start their venture to creating a successful business for the long term. These businesses are in need of your support to help make them even more successful and making an impact to those around them. Historically, businesses would buy products and services from other businesses who were not in their communities or even in their states. Granted, there are just some products and services you may not be able to find in your community and you have no choice but to buy from other markets. ¬†However there are many products and services that you can find right in your own backyard, you’ll be surprised.

For an example, businesses in Tampa can purchase from local companies not only in Tampa, FL but in Orlando, Jacksonville, Miami, or anywhere in the state of Florida. This helps to keep the supply chain strong among small businesses in the communities around them. Support doesn’t necessarily have to be in the form of purchasing products and services however it could be through volunteering, promoting their business via word of mouth or even writing a positive review about your experience with that company.

Communities that do a great job with supporting local have transformed their small business environment and have inspired other entrepreneurs to form and start businesses as well. We can learn from cities such as Austin, TX, Route 128 in Boston, MA, Chicago, Silicon Valley and even Berlin. Lets start supporting more local businesses today in Florida and watch Florida cities rise to top of being recognized as a top community for starting and growing a business.


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